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The Saunton pack is a seriously modern satchel with a saddlebag feel, one that dad will feel proud to carry too and secretly tucked inside is the clever pod system – (the brains behind the beauty).

The parent bag is made from soft vegan pebble leather with gunmetal hardware and trims.  Inside is cradled the two eco recycled polyester pods (made from recycled plastic bottles) – a wipe clean and foldable insulated feeder pod for hot or cold weather and a cleverly pocketed changer pod to keep all your babies kit hygienically separate. 

Everything is easily accessible at your finger tips, the cleverest baby bag on the market with pockets galore and labelling systems, so that you are never caught out.  Not only is it highly adaptable as the pods can be used on their own, Dad’s love them too – (so there is never an excuse to not carry this nappy bag ;).

 The Saunton Pack also comes with pram clips and d-ring points, each pod can clip onto your pram handle or headrest in a car seat to make life easier.  There is a mini pod included to, so that you always know where the dummy or quick access toys or treats are, before a full on meltdown ensues.

 Your PacaPod changing backpack has been designed to keep you feeling in more control, confident and in turn helping you meet your babies needs as they adapt and grow through all the stages of growth.

Saunton Pack - black

SKU: PL0601
  • Dimensions 36cm x 32 cm x 21cm

    Weight 1.25kg

    Volume 23.5 litres + 9 litres

    • Stunning soft pebble vegan leather outer
    • Gunmetal hardware and trims
    • Soft webbing backpack straps
    • Pram attachment clips and d-rings
    • Large and deep front pocket with magnetic closure
    • Inner Zip pockets and easy access mobile / pen pockets
    • Elasticated key fob and karibina 
    • Top loading cargo area to store the feeder & changer pods
    • Changer pod includes 4 pockets for nappies, wipes, gel, cream and outer pocket for the change mat
    • Foldable and washable padded change mat
    • Feeder pod folds flat for additional storage, fully insulated and wipe clean – keeps fluids cold/warm for up to 4 hours
    • All 3 bags clip on to the pram handle and can be used on their own
    • Most laptops fit inside the back on the bag section
    • This is a changing bag, cool bag and beautiful satchel bag all in one